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Capital Campaign

Al-hamdulillah (The Praise and Thanks Belong to G_d)!

Masjid Waarith ud Deen, your community masjid since 1984 has purchased land in Irvington, New Jersey on which it intends to build a new masjid and community center.  This institution is intended to provide a central home for our families and community to serve The One G_d, preserve, propagate, and teach the truth that He has revealed to all people, and to raise society to higher stations of dignity and success.

Considering the current social climate, our coming together to organize and implement community services is vital to the well-being and advancement of our society. Your contribution and support of our Capital Campaign (the construction and development of the facility) is an expression of the love we share for the legacy Al-Islam. It also demonstrates how, the Muslim Community, can place faith in the true goodness, beauty and excellence that we all pray to establish.

We Invite You to Join Us

Our goal is to have the construction of the facility completed and operational by 2022. Your support is needed to make this possible. We hope you share our vision for this institution and what it will bring to the community.  Please consider making a generous donation to ensure this center is created that brings happiness and satisfaction to those who truly love Allah, His Book, His Messenger, the Leaders of the Muslims, and the Community of People.  We hope that you will make Masjid Waarith ud Deen your place of worship and Community Home.

Preliminary Plans

The preliminary plans for the building include....

MWD - Preliminary Building Description.p
MWD - Preliminary Building.png
MWD - Preliminary Building 1st Floor.png
MWD - Preliminary Building 2nd Floor.png
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